How to Maximize Space in Storage Containers

Storage containers are very helpful especially for people who live in apartments, dorms, and condo units where space is at a premium, but do not just dump all of your things in storage containers as this can only lead to clutter. Here are some tips on how you can maximize the limited space that you have.

Know how to declutter

The best way to keep your storage containers organized is to learn how to declutter your space. It can be very difficult to find your items or navigate through the space if it is littered with items.  First, you need to know what items need to be accessible. Seasonal items can be kept at the back while frequently used items can be stored near the entrance or in a convenient location.

Make a decision

Determine the items that you want to keep and the ones that you have to get rid of. This can clear up enough space for the things that you do need.

Storage containersDevelop an organization routine

Kick the habit of throwing your items anywhere once you are done with them. Always return the items to their designated storage. This also makes it easier for you to locate them in the future instead of rummaging through the entire storage.

Use storage solutions

Companies that specialize in household organization have been making a lot of storage solutions that can maximize space. You may have even seen some of the products on TV. Find a storage solution that helps you create more space. It also helps if it can group related or similar items together.

Clear plastic containers are popular storage solutions since you can see what is inside them, thus saving you a lot of time when you quickly need to get a particular item. You can also consider labelling the containers if they are not see-through.

Think vertically

You can create more storage space if you maximize the space above your head. You can stack open containers against a wall and use them as shelves. You can also place hooks so you can hang your equipment.

It is wise to invest in a step ladder if you do plan to stack your items high in the ceiling. Remember not to store anything that is too big or heavy on top. This is to prevent serious injuries in case it falls. It is also a good idea to avoid storing electronics in high places unless it is properly secured. Lastly, do not store anything that you use regularly above your eye level because it is easy to forget something that you do not see.

Measure you items before you place it in your storage containers

Make sure that your items fit in your storage space. It can be frustrating to haul a heavy and large item in your container only to find that it cannot fit anywhere.  Plan ahead on what items will be placed in each corner.

Always keep things tidy

Keep your things tidy. This can also prevent you from buying things that you already have. Also, keeping your space clean and tidy makes it more appealing. Cleaning your space for 15 minutes every other day can already make a huge difference in preventing clutter from building up.  Keeping your space clean also prevents rodents from destroying your things. Vacuuming the area can prevent dust from settling which is essential if you have sensitive nose or is allergic to dust pollutants.

Keep the entryway open

The entryways should be open enough so that you can maneuver easily. Do not place large and heavy things near the door as doing so can prevent you from entering the storage.

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